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A lot of the people I meet and service have been asking me what the best option is—house living or condominium living? It’s hard not to be biased in here, since I live in a condominium somewhere in Kuala Lumpur myself(and have lived in one for the past 4 years)—so I have decided that I will write about the benefits of living in a condominium today.

Don’t get me wrong—I had lived in a house for decades. I have to say that I miss that feeling of “home”, probably because houses give off that “homey” feeling modern condominiums and high-rise residential properties often fail to give. I can’t even agree more with this article I’ve read in the New York Times about the pros of condo living. But I’ve learned that condominiums can give off that vibe, too—it’s just a matter of choosing the right condominium that will suit your taste and preferences. After months of reading Malaysia property reviews (my favorite site is bar none), I’m now living comfortably in my condominium and I have no complaints so far.

Condominiums—Your Key to Convenience

Most condominiums offer exceptional amenities and benefits residential houses in Malaysia just can’t provide. For example, I am a gym buff—and I need to make sure that I visit the gym thrice a week for my weight training sessions. Now, if I lived in a house, chances are, I have to drive up to my local gym to get my gym fix satisfied. Living in a condo gave me the convenience of just taking the elevator and hitting the gym almost minutes after I lock my unit’s door. Shops, boutiques, and restaurants are just nearby and within walking distance—whereas houses(especially in subdivisions and villages)—cannot provide that luxury.


Most of the time, condominium maintenance are usually done by the property or the developer’s team (especially so in Malaysia). This makes it easy for me to report, say, a leaking faucet, immediately—and almost all the time, service will be prompt. I can be sure that I these guys won’t rip me off and get the job done immediately. Houses can be a little difficult to maintain, and the fact that you’re on your own in finding out who to help you can be another problem.

Comfort, Security, and Amenities

Condominiums, overall, just outweigh residential houses when it comes to amenities, comfort, and security. I cannot even explain how happy I become when I get to relax at my condo’s spa(which is just 2 floors down). I feel secure as my condo provides a 24-hour security system, complete with CCTVs and access cards. Lastly, I wouldn’t trade watching that glorious sunset from my unit’s spectacular view for anything else. If you need to know, I am at Seni Mont Kiara, although sometimes I go back to my old place at Meritz in KLCC just for the weekend. Oh, BTW, have written a kickass review about the Meritz here. Read it 🙂

Choosing to live in a condominium unit or a house will always depend on you, of course. Your lifestyle and priorities count. I see myself as someone laid back but always on-the-go—that’s why I vie for convenience and all the perks this life has to give. In the end, it’s always nice to have some place to call your home, no matter how you define it—no matter what. Good luck!




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New Real Estate Inventory!

OK, we have got new listings in the following places –

  • Mont Kiara (new stock!)
  • North Kiara
  • Kampung Baru
  • KLCC
  • Ampang Hilir
  • Sentul West
  • Petaling Jaya
  • Damansara Utama

Let me know if anything appeals to you above. I will get you a good deal, I promise!

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Bad Landlords… Know Thyself!

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Every tenant has his/her own story about a bad landlord. The relationship between the tenant and the landlord may be mutually beneficial in the most correctly political of terms, but it does not always have to be smooth and perfect. Not even the duration of your tenancy to a particular landlord oculd make work at all times. Think Mr Bean and Mrs Wicket!

REBG has been receiving a lot of emails asking us for advice on how to handle bad landlords. I guess it’s about time we take action. So without further ado, Real Estate by Design Group presents:

The Archetypes of the Bad Landlord

There are many different types of bad landlords around. They come in all forms and levels of evilness. Here are some of them:

The prying old lady– Of course. She is the most gentle of all bad landlords. She raises an eyebrow when you have a boyfriend over for the night, and drops her jaws when you change boyfriends the next month. She’s practically harmless, just annoying at times. The best way to deal with her is to ignore her.

The can’t-wait-another-day – he is the landlord that’s always in a rush for payments. As his moniker implies, he just can’t wait another day. You are required to give out your rent on the morning of your billing day. He might even call you on your phone if you have not made a payment by lunch time. God only knows what would happen if you haven’t paid your rent on his unit by night-time. You would need all the luck in the world.

Mr Violation – he keeps track of all your violations he might just have been a policeman. He calls your attention for the slightest mistakes like forgetting your towel at the washers, spilling some powder on the lobby floor, or forgetting to turn off your lights at night (seriously???).

The Opportunist – the worst of all the bad landlords. He uses every opportunity to take your cash. You have to be watchful of these types of landlords before making any deals on the apartment. He will raise the rent every month if he can.

How to Deal with a Bad Landlord – The REBDG Way!

There are different approaches for different problems. Here are some tips on how to deal with them:

Talk to them.

If their behavior towards you is unacceptable, confront them about it – albeit calmly – to know what is the problem. Oftentimes, it is just a simple case of miscommunication. Going to the root cause of the problem will save you from a lot of inconvenience.

Keep all your documents and contracts.

Keep a copy of your own contract. If your landlord tells you about a violation, new rule, or anything that affects you unfairly, refer to your contract to contend your landlord’s claims.

Go to the authorities.

You can either go to your local authorities who take care of real estate leasing problems to settle your problems or outright consult a lawyer. Going this length risks you having to move out to a new place (it would be awkward to be living in the same building after a lawsuit) but at least you would get a fair solution.

Tenants cannot exist as tenants without landlords and vice versa. If you can’t be friends, at least be civil. 🙂

ADDENDUM: We have got new listings for the following properties: Casa Subang, Emira Shah Alam and La Grande (Mont Kiara) . If you’re interested, give me a call!

– “Even” Steven


New hire alert!

Real Estate by Design Group is pleased to welcome Cheryl So, our latest property developer hailing from the streets of Selangor! Cheryl has a long list of accomplishments and recognitions, and was awarded as KLAREAD’s(Kuala Lumpur Assoc. of Real Estate Agents and Developers”) youngest agent last 2010. We are happy to have her on our team.REDG




From all of us here, WELCOME CHERYL!


DIY… RealEstateByDesign Style!

Greetings from Texas! Been a long time since I’ve last posted something in here. Been up and about making opportunities happen and hustling big time in order get goals done 🙂 We’re trying to expand the business to Asia, specifically in Malaysia. These are exciting times.

We’ve been contacting awesome property consultants in Kuala Lumpur and they have been kind enough to provide us with this cool site on Malaysia property that really helped us out in making a decision on whether or not to tap the Asian real estate market. It will only take about a couple more weeks before we get things done.

I recently helped a retiree with his home repair situation back in Galveston–sometimes, we just don’t need any handyman to do the trick for our home repairs. We just all have to somehow find it in ourselves some creativity, innovation and ingenuity to achieve a pro-like result. What’s even more surprising is that you can actually use some very simple household items to give us an inexpensive and quick-fix. This actually inspired me to write this article. Not only does it save you money but it actually does save you the time you have to wait for the repairman to give it a look. 🙂

Though there is still that common debate when it comes to investing on a house or to live in a condominium, I am sure these tips will come as handy to you as they were to me, regardless.

  1. Hide scratches on your floors with crayons or permanent markers. Wood floors will sooner or later get scratch marks. After all, it gets so much beating and so it won’t be too surprising if this comes to yours sooner or later. This is when a little crayon can go a long way. Make sure you get a color closest to the color of your floor so it doesn’t go totally off.
  2. Fix squeaky doors with some petroleum jelly or oil. Squeaky doors can be very annoying and they may even cause your hinges to break. So rub petroleum jelly on it or pour some oil. Sometimes, it may even require you to take the pin off the hinge halfway so you can rub the jelly or pour more oil into it.
  3. Fluff up your pillows. Over time, your head leaves a dent in your pillow that makes it less than ideal for use. If you are not yet ready to buy some new pillow and cushions, one trick to help fluff it back up is by putting it for a few hours under the sun. You’ll see a whole lot of difference afterwards.
  4. Cleaning your chandeliers. Simple dusting can never fully clean your chandeliers. The more intricate the details, the harder they are to clean. Use cotton gloves instead. Keep the other one dampened with your cleaning solution, and the other one dry. This way you can reach the grooves and curves of the chandelier better. Do it when the chandeliers are cool though.
  5. Clearing off stain from your bathroom fixtures. Sometimes, the water from our sources contain bit too much iron particles that sooner or later they leave stain on our sinks, toilet bowls and bathtubs. Other times, staining or “yellowing” of white bathroom fixtures are simply a part of its natural aging process. Either way, they don’t look good. If you can’t replace your whole bathroom yet, a simple mixture of cream of tartar, baking soda and some freshly squeezed lemon juice can do the job.

You don’t have to spend too much on home repairs – especially in Malaysia where home improvement stuff is still relatively cheap. You just have to figure out which ones you can do yourself and which ones you cannot. Oh, and when it comes to wiring, electrical and electronic matters, they are best left in the care of the experts. You wouldn’t want to risk your home from catching fire or getting your damaging your electronics altogether.

More updates re: REDG‘s big Malaysian move in the future! 🙂 Also, don’t forget to check out our FACEBOOK PAGE!