We experience all the seasons in one day in the United Kingdom and our weather system is quite unique. This means that one moment it is warm and then the next, it is cold and so we must have a heating system in place that will fire up and get the house warm in a short time. We have oil, electric and gas boilers for this and most homes in the UK have these installed. The boiler is working away silently in the background heating and pumping water all around the radiator system and providing hot water for a bath. However, some morning you will wake up to a cold house and that is when you need help.

There are a number of 24 hour plumbers in Colchester that are on hand to assist you and they are at the other end of the phone waiting for your call. They will come out at a moment’s notice and get your system back up and running again. They also provide other services.

  1. If your boiler is working again but there doesn’t seem to be any heat coming from the radiators, then it sounds like your radiators need to be flushed. Your local plumber can do this for you.
  2. There may also be a drop in pressure and this might be due to a leaky pipe somewhere in the system. Your lumber will find the leak and fix it.
  3. You can, of course, schedule regular checkups and preventative maintenance for your boiler and heating system, so that you don’t have to deal with any of the above issues.

Get your boiler checked regularly and then you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on a cold and wet morning.