Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs are the most annoying small creators you can ever find in this universe. They are small, but they can’t give you peace when they invade your home. Bed bugs come from a group of parasites. They are brownish-red in color. Bed bugs are classified as parasites because they live in human beings and animals and feed on their blood.

People tend to think that bedbugs invade people’s houses because the house is dirty. This is not the case. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, especially on clothes, luggage, etc., and can move from one person to the other. Bed bugs do lay eggs. It takes seven weeks from when they can turn from the egg until it gets to the adult stage, and so it is important to practice Bed bug inspection both at homes and workplaces.

Signs of  Bed bugs in the house

Bed bugs do like staying in warm places. On the edges of the bedsheet, you can find bloody stain marks in patches.

Eggshells that look like grains and are white indicate that the bedbugs are just around that area.

Rusty or dark spots on the bed sheets or mattresses should signify bed bugs here and there. Those are some traces that may help you know if bedbugs invade your premises. They seem too tiny, but they can’t give you peace.

When you sense any traces of bed bugs, you need to act very fast before they spread all over the rooms of the house and the coaches.

How to Get Rid of Bed bugs

Bed bugs don’t like very cold places. That’s why they stay on the bed and mattresses because they know the area is super warm. Using cold water or any cold substance can kill the adult bed bugs and the eggs.

Extremely hot temperatures make bedbugs uncomfortable, and it also kills them. The use of steam is a good natural way of getting rid of bed bugs.

You can remove your blankets and mattresses from the scorching sun to eliminate the bugs away from the beddings. The beds should be inspected, especially the covers and the mattress, as they tend to carry bugs hiding there. They are likened to breed more in the warm covers than other places in the house. Mattresses have tiny holes which make good hideouts for the bugs. You need to be very keen while checking out your mattress.

If the above-explained steps for carrying out bed bug inspection don’t work, you can find some well-recommended insecticides in stores around your home. Select the ones that give guidelines on how you can get rid of the bedbugs. Follow the instructions for the insecticide to be effective.

Some coaches are designed with small folds in them. If not well inspected, the bugs can start multiplying the tiny spaces spreading all over in all living rooms. This can be disturbing and embarrassing, especially to the comfort of yourself and your visitors.

Get rid of bed bugs as soon as you find any traces at your home before they reproduce at a very high rate. The more they spread in the house, the more difficult they seem to control.