Essential Services for Construction Sites

Essential Services for Construction Sites 1

We see them every day, and with so many construction sites of varying shapes and sizes, they seem to blend into the background. Our planet only has a certain amount of land, and as time goes by, we are claiming more and more of the precious land for building. Typically, a building site would be set up on a piece of wasteland, or perhaps an existing structure is to be demolished and replaced with something different, but either way, there needs to be certain facilities in order for work to begin.

  • Site Management Cabins – These are the working offices of the site management staff, and with so much to co-ordinate, the site offices would have phone lines and a power supply, which might come from a mobile generator if electricity is yet to be connected.
  • Crew Rest Rooms – There must be adequate shelter for the workers to enjoy their lunch and tea breaks, and a large site would have an in-house catering team who would provide the food and refreshments, or alternatively, they would outsource the catering to a third party.
  • Toilet Facilities – Another essential service that must be arranged prior to commencement, and whether you are looking for a portable toilet in Yorkshire, or London, there are online suppliers of site accommodation who can provide a range of essentials for any construction site. Inter-connectable toilet units are the ideal answer, as you can attach as many as you need, and the hire company would facilitate effluent removal and cleaning as required. They are easy to install and can be ordered online, and once you have made contact with the right company, they would also have a range of site accommodation units, so you can arrange everything with a single supplier.
  • Site Lock Ups – Most construction sites require a secure unit to store both tools and materials, which come in a range of sizes, and with crime figures rising, building sites are considered fair game by burglars. Large sites would have round the clock manned guards, while a smaller site might just have secure fencing and gating that is locked every night.
  • Power Generators – Most sites do not have power connected at the initial stage and therefore require a series of generators, and these are available from the same company that supplies the accommodation. There might be a need for air compressors, as many of the heavy tools run on compressed air, and generally, you would find everything you need at a single company, which certainly saves time.

Utilities must be set up, as the site will need a supply of water, and with all the essential items available from a single online supplier, the site will have all the necessary facilities to enable the work to be safely carried out. Once the contract has been completed, the accommodation and toilets can be collected by the hire company, leaving the site ready for occupation by the new tenants.

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