The Icelandic sheep is a hardy and prolific breed that is native to Iceland. The breed, coveted for its soft wool coat, is quick to multiply and aggressive against attackers. The sheep possesses a double-layered coat in order to weather the harsh Icelandic winters. This double layer quality makes it even softer and more cushioned. In order to understand why the pelt is so desirable, one must first understand where the sheep come from.

The Sheep

Icelandic sheep are a common breed in Iceland and Northern Europe. For hundreds of years the Vikings farmed the breed. They utilized every part of the sheep for a purpose. They cultivated the sheep for their milk, wool and meat. The Vikings even used the bones for weapons. The breed of sheep were a perfect match for the hardiness of the Viking people.

Icelandic sheep are growing in popularity throughout the world because of their luscious coats. Knitters and interior designers all over the world covet the Icelandic sheepskin. There are plenty to go around as well due to the nature of the sheep. The breed raised and farmed today is the same exact breed raised by the Vikings.

Icelandic Sheep are much more intelligent than the typical sheep farmed throughout the world. They are also more resilient. Icelandic sheep can defend themselves from predators. This makes them even easier to farm, because they do not require constant supervision. The Icelandic Sheep commonly give birth to more than one baby at a time. This makes them quick to reproduce which is even better for farming purposes.

The Pelt

The pelts of the Icelandic sheep are currently one of the more popular interior design products on the market. They are versatile and able to withstand the test of time. It is also a known fact that the pelts have a self-cleaning quality to them. The wool does not hold dirt the same way other animal fur does, so usually a gentile shake will suffice for cleaning. A sweater knitted from the fur of Icelandic sheep only needs washed once a year.

They serve wonderfully as rugs or throw blankets. They are quite durable and warm, so they make a perfect rug for cold tile or wood floors. There is nothing quite like a thick sheepskin rug in the winter to serve as a reprieve from the cold floors. They are also extremely durable. In order for the sheep to survive the harsh winters of Iceland, they needed to have a durable coat. Because of the durability, they serve as fantastic decorative rugs as well.

Icelandic sheepskins are the perfect accent to any room. Every pelt is unique in the way the fur lays. They are also quite large and serve many different functions. The double-layer quality of the pelt makes it great to use as a throw or blanket. They are warm and soft. The pelts are perfect as an accent piece on a sofa or bed.