Before you sell your home, you should consider updating the exterior. Curb appeal is part of what draws potential homebuyers to your listing. They want to pull up to the home and immediately be impressed with the home and want to make it their new home to build memories in.

Exterior Structure Repairs

You should pay close attention to the exterior of your home. Potential homebuyers will look closely at it to see what kind of shape the roof, windows, doors and siding/exterior material is in. If you find that some of your siding is less than perfect looking, consider home siding replacement Austin TX to give the outside of your home a fresh look.

If your roof is older, an inspection at the very least should be conducted. This another record that a potential homebuyer will be interested in reviewing before making an offer on the home. Documentation that it has been inspected and shows repairs are required or that it is in acceptable order may help make a buyer decide to purchase your home.

In terms of windows, refresh the paint on the exterior trim, clean them, and check all of them for leaks. When screens are present, make sure those are clean and free of snags or holes as well. Windows don’t have to be new, although it is a selling feature, but the windows should at least be clean both inside and out.

If you do not wish to complete these repairs yourself, you can always offer the buyers a repair credit in the value of the average of estimates received.


Your yard should look manicured and complete. If you have landscaped backyard space, make sure that the mulch looks fresh and that the planting beds are free from weeds. When pools, spas, misting systems or irrigation systems are in place, make sure that all are in good working order and make repairs to malfunctioning items.

Clean up the yard. If you have children and/or entertaining spaces outdoors, make sure that your supplies and children’s items are stored away neatly. Having clutter in your yard is a turn-off to potential homebuyers as they attempt to picture themselves calling your home theirs and having family functions in the space.

Add Color

Does your front door blend in with the rest of the exterior of your home? If so, that could be a bad thing. Your front door should be a bold color that contrasts from the base exterior color. At the same time, it should be a contrast that matches a color scheme well. A compelling entry space can be a selling point.

Color can also be added with region-appropriate outdoor furniture and landscaping. You should pick colors that play off the color of your home to provide a warming contrast. A properly landscaped yard with pops of color can be part of what draws potential homebuyers to walk through the front door and take a closer look at your home.

Closing Thoughts

Although you are selling your home, you may still have to spend a little bit of money to get it sold. You are likely to receive a return on your small investments when selling. Cosmetic appeal is what gives potential buyers a good first impression.