Points to take into account when selling a home

Points to take into account when selling a home 1

Succeeding when selling a home depends on several factors. A most reputed company have drawn up a list of the ten most important elements to take into consideration when carrying out this process.


More and more people are looking for information about the neighborhood in which the house and its services are located, so it is convenient to exploit this concept.


It is essential that the damaged or defective is repaired before a potential buyer sees it

Colors and temperature.

Ideally, potential buyers feel comfortable when they visit the home, both in terms of temperature and colors.


The best thing is that when teaching a home there are no vestiges of the experiences of the current owners.

Volume and space.

To proceed with the sale of a property it is as important to value your real space as removing all furniture that is not necessary

Cleaning and atmosphere.

The houses that are taught are not always clean or well ventilated, so if this happens, the sale is most likely lost.

Sales channels.

We must diversify the means of dissemination of the sale to reach more people.

Virtual Tour.

The buyers each like to see a virtual tour before deciding to visit.


To capture the interest of potential buyers, it is recommended to hang a minimum of 10 photographs taken during the day. Cash for houses is some of the new trends in property market

Teach it at the right times

Each house has its schedule. No matter how beautiful and neat you are, there are certain times of the day when the home looks more. To find out, we must take into account the orientation and the hours of light. If the house is facing east, the mornings will be better. If, on the contrary, it is oriented to the west, the afternoons. Thus, the buyer can see the amount of direct sunlight that penetrates the property.

In cases of other orientations, it is also important to check when it gives its best face. Although buying a house seems a very thoughtful decision, the truth is that many people get carried away by the first impression. If they arrive and fall in love, everything is almost done.

For this, it also helps to highlight the most positive aspects of housing. If the kitchen is small but there is a great terrace, let’s focus on the terrace. If the bathroom is completely renovated, let’s talk about it. Let’s reinforce everything that makes our house special.

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