Property Purchase in Switzerland

Property Purchase in Switzerland 1

There are myriads of reasons why many people all over the world find Switzerland the perfect country to live in. As a result, there has been a lot of interest in Switzerland’s real estate market. Lots of people are interested in information purchasing homes in the country.

Switzerland has long been hailed as a haven for winter sports such as skiing. Having a winter home or even settling in the land would be a dream come true for many. Is it possible to own property in Switzerland?

Sure you can. However, the Swiss property market is highly regulated and there are a lot of checks that you must go through to be allowed to buy property.

What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about owning property in Switzerland, here are a few considerations you need to be aware of:

  • What property is available for purchase by non-citizens
  • Where you can buy
  • Cantonal restrictions and regulations
  • How a Swiss property purchase is processed
  • Costs
  • Property taxes

Non-citizens are allowed to purchase property in Switzerland. However, there are limitations from the local all the way to national levels concerning where a foreigner is allowed to buy property as well as what property they may buy.

Not Allowed to Buy via a Company Name

Cosmos Values Real Estate are the experts on all matters involving property buying in Switzerland. It is not easy to buy your holiday home if you are buying with a mortgage. However, if you work and live in the country and plan to retire there, the rules may be different for you. You may consult Cosmos Values for more details on this and more.

What Are You Allowed to Purchase as a Foreigner?

It would certainly, be nice to be able to buy property anywhere you want. However, in Switzerland, non-citizens can only buy property in touristic locations. This means that even if you visited and fell in love with, say, Zurich, you cannot purchase your holiday home there unless you hold a residence permit.

Nevertheless, having a holiday home in a ski resort or other areas that tourists find attractive sounds heavenly. You can, therefore, look around areas such as Bern, Uri, Obwalden and others for a nice apartment to purchase.

It is also imperative that you know about the regulations put in place for the purchase of newly built homes in Switzerland. Contacting local real estate practitioners maybe your best bet so that you are made aware of regulations and where you can buy property.

The Process of Buying Property in Switzerland

· Start by Making an Offer

You will need the services of an experienced real estate agent to advise you on hour to make an offer on Swiss property.

· Signing a Reservation Contract

Whether you are buying an old property that requires repairs or new property, you are required to pay a small deposit and sign a reservation contract. This is seen as a gesture of goodwill and your property will not be shown to other buyers as you begin the process of purchase.

· Applying for Funding

A Swiss bank will fund up to 70% of the buying price. Your agent will advise you to work with local lenders who are familiar with the area as well as the local market.

· Appointing a Notary

When you have the mortgage approved, a local notary will be appointed to handle the legalities of the sale. The notary works for the purchaser and vendor and is appointed by the agent.

· Applying for a Foreigner Purchase Permit

The notary collects relevant information from the buyer, vendor as well as that of the property being purchased. This is needed for the preparation of an application for the foreigner purchase permit as well as the deed of sale. The application is sent to the cantonal authorities to be ratified.

Once it is ratified, the deed of sale is signed and the property is registered and handed over to the buyer.


It may look like a long and complicated process but it is quite easy if you work with real estate experts who are experienced and can navigate the process with ease. Once you have your property, you can breathe easy and enjoy the comforts your new Swiss home has to offer.

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