Modern living is all about striking the best balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoying a fancy life that is high on style. During my growing up years, I envied my sister and her loving husband for the kind of love and life they shared. They had the ability to do everything in moderation and enjoy their lives to the fullest. Whether it was going out on weekends, maintaining a disciplined lifestyle on weekdays or binge eating and staying up for late night movies. A nice late night walks within their gated community or catching up on coffee in the cafeteria within the residential complex; they enjoyed every bit of life. Seeing them, I knew instantly that this is the kind of life I want for myself and to begin that the first step would be to find a beautiful home that would be my love nest with my partner. With time I started realising that having the right home and the right partner helps tremendously to begin a great and well-balanced lifestyle.

Tips to Have that Great Life

The tips that I started to follow, after I moved into my new home, were the right ways to begin a healthy and active life.

Regular Walks – Walk the talk is one of the most successful ways to stay healthy and maintain a good life. Walking is one of the strongest medicines to cure innumerable problems and has a long lasting impact on your health and well-being.

Eating Right – Diet is yet again a great way to maintain fitness, so make sure you eat right. The best way to eating healthy is by having smaller portions of food at short intervals. This way you are constantly binging on something without adding extra calories.

Visiting the Spa – There are several apartments in Kolkata within gated communities that offer spas, cafeterias, libraries, gymnasiums and play areas. All these amenities make a comfortable living and trigger the concept of ‘good life’. So, it is important to look for a home where you have all the right amenities that will help you to have a great life. A spa, for example, is a great place to relax, unwind and feel fresh. These relaxations and breaks are also essential to enjoy a happy life.

Working Out Together – Working out with your partner or your friends is the biggest motivation for you to stay fit and in shape. Hitting the gym is important and it only makes life easy if the gym is within the community where you live.

Conversations and Lots of Laughter – Laughter is the best medicine for good health, it is the best solution for all your problems and the best therapy for a good life. So, make sure that you indulge in a lot of conversations and laughter and have the best time with your partner in your nicely decorated home.

Following the same pattern everyday is monotonous and that is when you need to break away from the monotony and do something exciting once in a while. After all, life is all about balance and too much of anything is boring because of the dullness it brings.