Some surprising restrictions placed on property

Some surprising restrictions placed on property 1

One of the most stressful parts of the house buying process is the conveyancing league period. You might have thought that the mortgage part was hard but you are now in the hands of the legal team and this can be long and drawn out. If you want to take a look at some Conveyancing news so that you can keep up with it all then take a look at these Conveyancing articles. One thing that you can’t plan for is the restrictive covenant. These are limits and restrictions placed on the property stopping the owner from doing certain things. For the most part they are easily changed but this will require a legal cost. Here are some of the most obscure ones found hiding away on the title deeds

  1. You would hope that being able to store your caravan or camper van on the driveway would be fine. However, one covenant stated you could only do it if it was for the purposes of storing chickens.
  2. One covenant stated quite clearly to the owner under that no circumstances could the house be turned into a pub or a brothel, Oh ok, I won’t then…
  3. From the Edwardian times a covenant was added to a property that nothing should be added to disturb the peace. In particular and especially they singled out that Pigs should not be kept under any circumstances.

Some surprising restrictions placed on property 2

  1. In a very direct attempt to stop poor people moving in to the area one covenant stated that if you bought one house you had to buy a second,
  2. Please give to charity. One of the more benevolent covenants stated that an annual donation of £20, quite a bit back then, had to be made to the local Almhouse on Boxing Day from the owner.
  3. Another restriction that is placed on property is the amount and type of vehicles that you can having in the driveway outside of your house . So if you have a very large family with people who cannot drive on their own and you need a few more cars than the restriction allows them this can become a problem for you.
  4. Another restriction maybe on the type of fences that you can make around your house. The style of fence may be limited and tall fences may be prohibited.Say you have a pet and then a particular type of fencing like the chain fencing is Prohibited then you will not be able to keep your pets safe.
  5. Sometimes the deeds may have Restrictions on cutting down trees. Sometimes the neighbourhoods are very particular about the trees and though you might think that you can remove a few it might not actually be allowed.
  6. When you shift to a new house you might want to make certain renovations to choose your style but many time there are certain restrictions that a placed on the renovations that you can do and the extend to which you can go. There might also be restrictions regarding the approval of plans.

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