If you are old enough to remember the pre-computing daysyou might recall the bulky, heavy steel poles that were meticulously bolted together to provide a safe working platform for the construction industry. In those days, the very word “scaffolding” sent shivers through the site manager, what with the amount of time it took to actually erect the scaffolding, and more often than not, this was the cause of delays, which happen to cost money. Fortunately, we have come a long way since then, and heavy steel pipe and brackets have given way to composite aluminium that is both light and very strong.

  • Scaffold Towers – These allow for work at heights of up to 6 metres, and with stabilisers on the ground, there is no need to have someone at the base. Aluminium scaffold towers are made up of inter-connectable parts, and it is very easy to build something that is ideal for the job at hand. If you ever need scaffolding for home repairs, and you live in or around London, Abee Hire are the people to talk to, as they have an extensive range of modern scaffolding at affordable rates. Not only that, they also supply a range of building materials and offer both skip and plant hire, making it a one stop shop for all your requirements.
  • Complete Access – It can be a nightmare to provide a working platform in some locations, and that’s where scaffold towers come into play. Easily put together and extremely light, the sturdy sections are fully adjustable and can even handle uneven ground. If you are going to be working on the upper floors, but are not sure what to do about scaffolding, call in an expert and he will advise on the safest way to go.
  • Affordable – Huge trucks and an army of erectors are no longer required, which all has a positive effect on cost, and with easy to erect aluminium systems that require little in terms of fittings, a sturdy platform can be erected in a very short time. For a small builder, the arrival of scaffold towers is a true innovation, and the money they save on scaffolding would be significant, while not compromising at all on safety.
  • Inter-Connectable – The system is designed to be used in a combination of ways, which is made possible by the universal locking mechanism, and with varying strut lengths, one can create a unique platform. This is ideal for the DIY enthusiast who can simply contact a local supplier who will deliver the tower when requested, and once the job is done, they will remove the tower.

The arrival of modern scaffold towers has revolutionised the construction industry, and it has great benefits for the handyman homeowner, who can easily hire the ideal tower for any job. If you would like to get an idea of cost, an online search will bring up a list of local scaffold hire companies and they would be happy to give you a quote.