We Buy Houses in Phoenix Arizona and ALL Surrounding Areas

We Buy Houses in Phoenix Arizona and ALL Surrounding Areas 1

Capital Property Offers was created to provide an alternative solution in selling your home. They’re a solution-based company that has been assisting homeowners to sell their Phoenix Arizona home fast for cash! When selling your property the traditional route, such as through a Realtor, you will be responsible to pay thousands of dollars. These fees range from Realtor commissions, closing costs, inspections, and appraisal reports. You’re committed to working with the Realtor by allowing them to take full control of when and how you show your property. Selling through a Realtor is a great way to obtain the maximum amount of exposure, but did we mention you are responsible to show your property? You see, showings are typically by appointment, but they can be very tedious. Allowing strangers through your property by the hundreds may be very uncomfortable. The goal is to sell your property and sometimes the cost of selling it on the open market may not be suitable for everyone.

When selling your Phoenix AZ home directly to home buyers, you can assure privacy. Companies like Capital Property Offers specialize in making the process as easy as possible. This means, no headaches, no expensive Realtor fees, no inspection fees, no open houses, no closing costs, and no appraisals. Their team designed the process to assure a swift and stressless process. When making the decision to sell, you typically weigh the pros, and cons of the market. Today, we can say that market continues to heat up, but no one is clear as to how much longer this may last. You see, as property prices have appreciated by some areas up to 25%, things can drastically change in a matter of days. This is why Capital Property Offers has a typical closing timeframe of 10 days. They’re paying directly out of pocket and don’t require the approval of lenders.

Selling your property has never been easier. Once you’ve made the decision that selling directly to home buyers, you can now take control of the process. Capital Property Offers allows the seller to decide on the closing date. Whether you need a quick 10-day close or 2 months…they’ll work with you each step of the way. Did we mention that you’re not responsible for the cost of repairs? Typically lenders will require the seller to make repairs on the property prior to issuing a loan. This process can cost you time and thousands. The beauty of selling your property directly to cash home buyers is that their offers are made on the condition of your property being in as-is and they pay for ALL closing costs.

Whether you’re thinking of selling or just want to ask them questions…feel free to give them a call at (866) 883-8616. Capital Property Offers is a family-owned business that takes pride in assisting its community in all real estate needs. If for whatever reason they’re unable to assist you, they’ll send you in the direction, and have a professional for you to contact. Call them today for your free offer!

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