Why seal the garage floor with epoxy?

Why seal the garage floor with epoxy? 1

An organized and beautiful garage is everyone’s dream. With the finished garage space, the floors can make the biggest difference in making it feel complete. There are several reasons why the garage floor should be painted. The most obvious reason is that it gives the aesthetic look and feel along with the protection that the floor needs. 

Epoxy coating is the most popular choice for both residential and commercial applications to ensure that the garage floor looks beautiful. It also helps in making it the strongest, durable and long-lasting coating.

The major reason why epoxy coating is best for your garage concrete flooring are – 

Avoids dust

The concrete floor gathers a lot of dust due to its porous finish. The dusty powder then gets collected on the cars and other storage items. The epoxy coating helps in sealing the concrete floor topically and makes the surface dust-free. 

Helps with hygiene

Sealing of the concrete floor helps in the cleaning routine faster and easier. Simple mopping and wiping of the surface are sufficient to keep the floor clean. A sealed floor will prevent bacteria and the spread of contamination. The anti-bacterial coating helps in safely storing even the food items in the garage.

Prevents delamination

The unsealed concrete floor is like a sponge that soaks up the majority of the liquid that is poured on it. When water is poured on the concrete floor, a damp patch is seen for a few hours to days. As the water rises the surfaces, it gets evaporated and the floor gets dried. But the oil on the floor will also rise to the surface, but does not get evaporated, making the floor contaminated. When other paints are applied over the oily floor, the oil tends to sweat within resulting in the delamination of the floor.

Sealing the garage floor with epoxy paints helps to compact and prevent damage to the floors. And hence the garage floor should be sealed as quickly as possible.

Prevents acid attacks

The chemical attack on the floor could result in serious damage to the structure of the concrete. It will cause weakness and degradation of the floor surface. It makes it dusty, unstable, unsafe, and extremely difficult for maintained clean.

Sealing the floor with epoxy paint helps in preventing the chemical attack. It is vital to ensure the floor is taken care of with primer and top coated with the coating that resists the chemical that is used in the garage.

Increases the resale value

The concrete garage floor with the finished looks helps in spiking the resale value. It helps in getting that first impression to be the best. People tend to check the floor more than the ceiling when they are looking out to buy the property. They watch where they walk!

Visit Hendersons Flooring the best garage floor paint is available in a wide range and is the perfect solution to give that first impression to be the best. The epoxy garage floor paint is highly durable and can withstand a lot of pressure.

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