Are you planning on buying a new house? Do you frequently invest in real estate? Are you a real estate agent?

If the answer to one of these questions is yes, then you are in dire need of some assistance.  You may have already seen the huge pile of paperwork that comes with real estate contracts. Additionally, there are all those dates and deadlines that are attached to the deal.

That’s probably why most first-timer homesumers are heard murmuring a common phrase, “So much to do, so little time.” Are you one of them?

In that case, you shouldn’t be wasting time fumbling over the stack of papers on your desk. Rather you should be looking up the names of an independent transaction coordinator near you. This particular person will take the load off your shoulders. Plus, they will ensure that everything runs smoothly!

Why choose an independent transaction coordinator?

Firstly, transaction coordinators (TC) are the middlemen of the deals you make with real estate agents and escrow companies. Think of them as a helping hand that keeps an eye on every tiny detail related to your real estate contract. This includes everything from making sure that the applications are signed to reminding you of upcoming meetings.

In short, they help you navigate through the winding paths of making that esteemed purchase. Thus, it’s important that you hire one that isn’t associated with a big real estate company.

Let’s look at benefits of doing so:

1. No Strings Attached

Would you prefer a coordinator who makes you their priority? Or someone who keeps you waiting?

Is that a tough question? Not really! In fact, most of you will automatically opt for the first transaction coordinator without second-guessing yourself. That is because you wish to be kept on the priority list of whoever is handling your real estate ventures.  And that is exactly what independent transaction coordinators do. These professionals try to manage the minimum number of clients to get the maximum impact. Hence, they provide you with better outcomes and higher success rates. This is unlike the company-based TCs who are managing multiple customers at a time, collect a salary, and get paid regardless of whether you close your deal or not.

2. Affordable Fees

Admit it. Even if the benefits are extraordinary, dabbling in real estate comes with a hefty price.

This is why the additional expenditure for hiring a TC is often inconvenient. However, this isn’t the case with independent workers. Apart from giving you quality service, these coordinators don’t come with an expensive price tag. Contrary to popular belief, they are more than willing to offer you economical packages and an affordable bill which usually includes a clause that they only get paid if, and when, you do.

3. The Support

Most importantly, transaction coordinators don’t just handle a “bundle of files.” They act as a bridge that connects you with the intricate world of real estate business. Your time spent with them will help you to understand how things function in this new purchase. Moreover, they will be able to shed a better light on the subtle aspects of the transactions.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, an independent transaction coordinator is the best way to tackle your deals. They keep tabs on everything you want without bullying you into making a decision, like a big bad corporate working coordinator would.

So what are you waiting for?

Hire an independent transaction coordinator right now!