Why would you manage to become the best estate agent?

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These day, estate agents are continually flooding their inboxes with PropTech or MarTech that will save their agency,” and it’s becoming very difficult for agents to break through that noise.

There are so many different organizations and entities saying that they know best, that it is almost difficult for agents to grasp what their company’s most successful strategy is.

Another problem is that buyers, initially via online agents and their monstrous advertising budgets, have had their heads turned to the prospect of ‘cheap fees’ for sale and leasing.

Consequently, many town centre agents have thought that in order to remain competitive, they have to put their costs down. There is always someone who will charge less than you but the key for agents is to ensure that you do a better job than other agents, adding more value to your clients, and ensuring that this can be articulated by your marketing and teams on the front line.

In a bubble, several estate agents exist, understandably given that they need to be concentrated on hyperlocal, begin to get to grips with and take advice on what works in other parts of the UK, not just in their field.

For agents right now the best option is to consider joining a membership group or networking organization that shares best practice and meaning.

Working towards complete clarity on what you offer your agency customers and how you really add value has to be a number one priority to deal with the external noise that customers are subjected to and that affects every agency business.

This is also where the most important thing is preparation, so the team needs to believe in the offer and be able to convince as many people as possible!

When you start concentrating and investing in your processes and in your staff, then enhancing efficiency and doing a better job than those around you, you will naturally start seeing the results in your numbers.

To be able to boost their efficiency and avoid over reliance on the portals, the team needs to be equipped with the right resources and skills.

A lack of processes and the right technologies to help those processes is one of the most common reasons for poor results.

Agents can be very good at establishing relationships, but preserving them is equally critical. Agents should provide a multi-channel communication plan for all clients in their Marketing automation at the most basic stage, in a more sophisticated setting and potentially accessible to all organizations, agents should invest in software that facilitates a better customer experience.

Any training should have a personalized feature that suits with your particular company and, depending on your customers, your internal staff, the technologies you deploy and the area you are in the solutions would be different for everyone.

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