Any construction project that builds new homes involves a lot of manpower and equipment to get off the ground. The best way to ensure that you are making the right choices for your budget and to meet deadlines is to put in place effective plant hire solutions. Let’s take a look at the types of plant hire you need to complete the building of a house.

Preparing the Site

There are a number of types of equipment you should hire when preparing the construction site to build a house, or multiple houses. Putting in place preventative measures aimed at stopping construction site injury and accidents is a good start. Erect fencing to secure the site and protect the public from coming into contact with hazardous machinery. It will also be a security measure and a deterrent against burglary. Plan the routes for telehandlers, dumpers, trailers and pedestrian routes on site, before you open for business.

Laying the Groundwork

Hiring equipment, such as diggers, augers and other digging equipment for a range of deep excavations and preparing surfaces for laying foundations, is a fantastic way to begin the project as you mean to go on. Qualified operators will be able to utilise expert plant hire that will lay the perfect groundworks for your construction project.

General Construction and Other Equipment

As the building begins to take shape there will be need for a range of plant hire to come on to site. Telehandlers and forklifts can help lift materials and equipment to higher levels, scaffolding can be erected to allow workers to work from height and build the upper floors of a property. Dumpers are a great way to shift materials from one part of a construction site to another, safely and without having to use large quantities of manpower. It is also an effective way for you to remove waste and debris, placing them within the proper containers as part of your site waste management procedures. Rollers can prepare rough terrains and surfaces for foundations to be laid, or smooth over surfaces to finish after construction has been completed.

Depending on the type of construction method you are using there will be a requirement for various different types of material and equipment. Concrete pumps will be required when insulating concrete forms, cranes may be required on large-scale projects and for those properties that are being built with steel frames or timber frames you will require equipment that will allow your workers to move material at height safely.

All of these pieces of construction equipment can be hired from specialist companies that can provide not only the high quality fleet you are looking for, but also the insight and knowledge that comes with extensive plant hire services. Hiring construction equipment can really help the flow of a project to build a home, from the foundations right through to the finish and exterior of the property and everything in between.