3 Tips for Marketing your Properties in Order to Fill Up the Vacancies Faster

3 Tips for Marketing your Properties in Order to Fill Up the Vacancies Faster 1

When it comes to marketing for the real-estate industry, there are certain criteria that should be taken into consideration. One needs to create a unique narrative about the specific property that they are looking to fill in. In recent times, the earlier techniques used by property managers no longer have the ability to attract tenants to their properties. The real estate industry has become increasingly competitive and marketing a property and everything it has to offer has become extremely difficult.

In order to generate the adequate revenues from the business, it is necessary that real-estate managers employ a series of solid marketing strategies, and also have the flexibility to change things up when one line of direction does not seem to bring in the right amount of turnover. Therefore, tracking the success of your marketing campaigns with the help your property management accounting software can be extremely useful.

Some of the crucial marketing tips that you should definitely follow include:

Having an up-to-date website

For any business in this day and age, having a website that is fully updated should be a priority. Most tenants usually look for properties online and you can use your website to market your properties to prospective clients. The website can also serve as a medium through which you connect with your audience and keep them updated about your business.

Many property managers usually have a website; however, they hardly manage the website in an optimal manner. Websites that are not properly optimized, fail to attract clients to their website. Therefore, simply having a website will not help. One also needs to ensure appropriate management of the same in order to be relevant.

Showcase creative and professional content

Real-estate businesses usually look to attract clients by showcasing the property that they would like to fill in. Thanks to technology, there are ample of ways in which one can display the content related to an estate. This involves taking professional looking photos and videos of the entire site. 3D visual tours of the property could also be a good way to attract tenants.

These photos and videos can then be used for your social media posts as well as on the website itself. A higher quality of the photos will definitely appeal to prospective tenants more than low-quality images taken from a mobile phone. One also needs to decide on the aspects of a property that tenants would be most interested to look at. It can also help to change the shots with each estate-choosing to display the outdoors or showcase the interiors in the property.

Maintain a quality blog

While a majority of organizations are focused on paid marketing campaigns to bring in more prospective clients, they often ignore some of the best offbeat methods to attract clients. Paid advertising does not allow tenants to get to know your organization and the services you offer. Having a quality blog, where you talk about important issues related to your business can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic you receive.

While it might take longer to generate a loyal audience for your blog posts, this is a far better method to attract genuine followers. For the blog posts, it is necessary to develop content that people will actually want to read about. Keep the blog posts short and meaningful. Use good quality images and infographics to bring out important facts and figures. Overtime, you will be able to gather a loyal following for the blog posts.


Following the above strategies can go a long way in ensuring that you have an audience to market your services to. When following these strategies, you will surely see a rise in the number of tenants who display interest in your properties and the perks you have to offer to them. In order to better manage your portfolio, it is always a better choice to have rental property management software that allows you to ensure appropriate maintenance of the properties under your care.

Along with the marketing tips mentioned above, it is always necessary to combine them with direct marketing campaigns as well. This involves setting up open-houses and one-on-one private tours with prospective tenants who might be interested in any one of your properties. Showing them everything there is to offer from a particular estate and explaining your services all fall under marketing to fill in your vacancies faster. One should also make it a point to follow up with prospective clients and get them to book an appointment as soon as possible.

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